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Alberta Portrait Photographer | Gillian Grad 2016


Gillian graduated high school on June 25, 2016. She will be heading off to Camrose at the end of the summer to attend Augustana for her Bachelor of Science.

Gillian is my sister so the shoot was definitely a different one. I have used Gillian many times for numerous assignments when I was in school (cause that's what sisters are for right?) so she is my self made model, she knows how to stand and what I mean when I make a weird gesture with my hands which I can say is awesome and makes things go pretty easily. Then there came the family pictures that needed to be done. When I normally take pictures I am moving all over the place and getting 5 different angles before you even notice. Since I had to be in the pictures this was a little different. I had to break out my tripod that normally stays sitting in the back of my car and put a timer on my camera and bolt back to the rest of my family that was already posed and smile within that 10 second timer. Overall I am pretty happy with the way they turned out, and I don't look too out of breath (haha!).

This year it also wasn't just about doing grad pictures for clients seeing as Gillian is my little sister it was weird seeing her a) wear a dress b) get her hair done and c) walk across that stage finishing high school. I am so proud of her for working so hard in high school and getting her acceptance in university. I'm going to miss you when you head off on your next adventure but I know you're going to have a fantastic time!