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Relay For Life 2015


Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of once again being the photographer for the Relay For Life event that took place in Whitecourt. Last year was the first year I had ever experienced this event and it's safe to say that as soon as it was over I wanted more. This year I was asking ahead of time if they needed a photographer again and to my luck my name was already in their minds, I just beat them to asking!

I absolutely love everything about this event. There are so many emotions that go on throughout the day and so much love throughout everyone. For those of you who don't know what Relay For Life is, it is an event held each year by the Canadian Cancer Society. Participants create teams and fundraise in the months leading up to the event, all the money goes towards cancer research. The actual event lasts 12 hours and consists of a lot of walking! Each team must have at least one team member walking at all times and after each lap they make they recieve a bead on the necklace. This way everyone can keep track of how many laps they have walked (I should have been keeping track myself, I'm sure there would be at least 25 laps on there for me!). All day everyone talks with each other and shares their stories. The whole day is wonderful and I absolutely love that I was able to be a part of it again this year.


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