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Alberta Portrait Photographer - Once Upon A Dream Thesis

Last semester at school I had to complete a thesis project. This was a semester long assignment that was filled with stress, laughs and lots of fun.

This assignment challenged us to pick a topic of our choosing and take 15 - 20 images that fit this theme.

For my topic I decided to choose "Once Upon A Dream". Of course for anyone who knows me knows that I am a Disney lover so it was no surprise when I told people that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to try and recreate scenes from the original Disney movies and give them my personal style and a bit more of a modern take on them.

I was inspired by the works of Annie Leibovitz's Disney Dream Series of images for this assignment. After I saw these images I had the urge to create something that I felt such a connection and love with. I knew that this assignment was the perfect one to do it for as the topic was totally up to us. I felt that choosing a topic that was something I really enjoyed would push me that much more to work that much harder and put my passion into my pictures.

My final presentation is below! Please watch and I hope that you enjoy it!


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